Phish Summer Tour 1998 Poster/Shirt Private Commision

$35.00 - $75.00
Phish Summer  Tour 1998 Poster/Shirt Private Commision

Some Project details: Phish Summer Tour 1998 and a Tshirt with the poster design screen printed on it. Regular Ed: Black on white. Variant Ed: Color. Size 12.5 x 18. Signed and numbered. There is also an art print available (black on white with no text).
The Tshirt will be screen printed (a design derivative of the poster- tbd) Shirts (S-3XL).

Pricing: Single Posters $40, Matched number poster Sets $75 and Shirts $35

This is kind of a blind commission- I know that does not suit everyone's taste. It is how I work these (in order to make it less like a job and more fun for me- which keeps me interested and inspired). I promise to delivery a quality product in a time efficient manner at a decent price and I will show you how it is done along the way. From concept to cutting to printing- you get to follow along with pictures and videos and some art direction. It is a real cooperative for these projects and our interaction forms a nice poster inthe process!